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Rings Of Saturn Sweatshirt Classic Celebrity Sweatshirt Metal Insider Sweatshirt

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Design your everyday with Rings Of Saturn sweatshirt you will love to snuggle up with. Match your style with patterns and designs from our professional design team. Original design. Create a personalized gift with a photo of your favorite celebrity. Suitable for all kinds of daily life, leisure, sports, fashion. Dye-sublimation printing. Customized printing, showing youthful personality. Size: S-XXXL Material: cotton Crafting time 3 to 5 business days.

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Rings Of Saturn Merch - Welcome All Rings Of Saturn Fans!

If you're a die-hard fan of the Rings Of Saturn, or just a casual fan looking for some great Rings Of Saturn merchandise to add to your idol's collection, you've come to the right place. Like other deathcore bands, Rings Of Saturn has millions of followers from all over the world. Merchandise at Rings Of Saturn is in demand, and our store offers choir fans high-quality clothing and accessories.

Rings Of Saturn - An American Deathcore Band

Rings of Saturn is an American deathcore band from the Bay Area, California. The band was formed in 2009 and was originally just a studio project. However, after gaining wide popularity and signing to Unique Leader Records, the band formed a full line-up and became a full-time touring band. Rings of Saturn's music features a highly technical style, heavily influenced by themes of alien life and outer space. They have released six full-length albums, with their third, Lugal Ki En, released in 2014 and peaking at 126 on the American Billboard 200 chart while their fourth, Ultu Ulla was released in 2017 and peaked at 76 on the Billboard 200, making it the band's highest peak to date.

Rings Of Saturn’s Career

Rings of Saturn was formed in 2009 in high school only as a studio recording project with Lucas Mann on guitars, bass, and keyboards, Peter Pawlak on vocals, and Brent Silletto on drums. The band posted a track titled "Abducted" online and quickly gained listeners. The band recorded their debut album, Embryonic Anomaly, with Bob Swanson at Mayhemnness Studios in Sacramento, California. The album was self-released by the band on May 25, 2010. Four months after releasing Embryonic Anomaly, the band signed to Unique Leader Records. In the months following the band's signing, Joel Omans was added as a second guitarist and the band graduated high school which led to their embarking on tours. Embryonic Anomaly was re-released through Unique Leader on March 1, 2011, and their two following albums would later also be released through the label. Brent Silletto and Peter Pawlak both left the band in December 2011.

Rings of Saturn, which at this point only included Lucas Mann and Joel Omans, toured with many different touring members before forming a line-up that added Ian Bearer, Sean Martinez, and Ian Baker on vocals, bass, and drums respectively. This line-up recorded their second studio album, Dingir, with the same producer from Embryonic Anomaly. The album was originally scheduled to be released on November 20, 2012, but due to legal issues, the album release was pushed back to February 5, 2013. In response to the legal push and a pre-production version of the album leaking on the internet, the vocalist, Ian Bearer, uploaded the finished album on his YouTube channel and put up the entire album for download via Total Deathcore. Ian Baker and Sean Martinez parted ways with the band shortly after the official release of Dingir, the band later took part in The Summer Slaughter Tour of 2013 adding Jesse Beahler for drums until the end of the tour.

What is in Rings Of Saturn Merch Shop?

Rings Of Saturn merchandise is for avid fans of the Rings Of Saturn’s deathcore band. Hoodies, hats, t-shirts, and Hawaiian shirts are staples of our Rings Of Saturn merchandise. In addition to these top items, you can also buy other Rings Of Saturn products from us such as accessories, phone cases, wall clocks, tote bags, stickers, canvas, pillows, mugs, and blankets. You can buy any product you like without worrying about quality or price.

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